Work and education history

I’m currently working with OpenGL and DirectX to experiment with rendering. Along with this I would say I’m proficient with C/C++.

Currently part as part of my course I am studying these following these subjects.

First year
  • Media Devices and Networks

  • Software Programming

  • Business Awareness

  • Computer Graphics

  • Game Productions Techniques

  • That was my first year in which I got a first, which is a high score for a game programming student. I would say I was interested in Computer graphics the most. Because one of the earliest tasks was to render an image on a command line window. At first I was wondering if it was at all possible but eventually I did manage to make it and I was very happy with the result. This taught me basic rendering and projection.

    In second year (current year) is more of an industry incorporated year. We focus more on mobile development in case we want to take our career down that path. The graphics module focuses on industry API’s like OpenGL. This is what I’m interested in, I want to get an understanding on all API’s and most industry devices.

    Second year
  • AI Programming

  • Commercial Business Awareness

  • Group Project

  • Programming for Computer Graphics and Games

  • Mobile Games Programming

  • Object Oriented Techniques

  • I try to be a experiment as much as possible I would say I'm aiming to be a more gameplay oriented programmer but of course I try to learn as much from any and all fields. Thanks fo taking the time to check out my site and if I seem like I'm useful to your business or project feel free to contact me and download a CV.

    In progress

    I'm working towards getting some unity games published with some friends. But primarily my main focus right now is to focus on my opengl renderer. Just so I can get a working understanding of it. Then I will try to move towards directX and opengl ES.

    What I'm familiar with

    The following is a list of products I have used before.

    I would say I'm most comfortable in c++ and c# because these are the languages I used in my assignments.

    Lua is what I use for my side projects in the Love2D engine.

    My Portfolio

    OBJ renderer

    Still currently a work in progress. This application will read a 3D format and print it to the screen. Currently it is displaying a human model.Currently using SDL, working on an opengl version.

    Adventures of Minnie

    This was a small game jam project I made with Tom Robinson and Chris Jenks. It's a simple cartoonish platformer with vibrant animated levels. I did a bit of level design, AI and player movement in this project.

    C++ stealth game

    This was a game I made in c++ using the allegro library. It has simple stealth mechanics. All you need to do is collect the gold orbs without any enemies seeing you. If you get too close.

    LOVE2D lua

    I messed around in love2d to try and get a grasp of LUA and I was happy with the results of what I made. It was the makings of a demo in which I could move a small hamster around and hit enemies.


    This was a game jam project I made with some friends. You walk around a mansion trying to collect orbs. But you have to avoid these golems that follow you. I was in charge of getting the golems to follow you. This was made in unreal.

    Untitled uni project(Collaboration)

    This was made in relation with the society at uni. The goal was to make a game that utilised all the skills we got from our course. I was in charge of the HUD and menu, as well as some material work.