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Duncan Hall

Games Programmer

Below are examples of my previous work. Click on the image to view more details about that project.

Project: Lazuli Game Engine
Description: A C++/OpenGL game engine.
Made using: C++ and OpenGL
Lazuli Screenshot
Project: A* Pathfinding
Description: An implementation of A* Pathfinding in C++.
Made using: C++ and Allegro 5
Pathfinding Screenshot
Project: Edge Enmity
Description: Side-scrolling mobile game
Made using: Unity 5.2 and C#
Edge Enmity Screenshot
Project: Blackjack
Description: Blackjack game using state machines
Made using: C++ and Allegro 5
Blackjack Screenshot
Project: CanDie
Description: Candy themed scrolling shooter
Made using: C++ and Allegro 4.2.3
Candie Screenshot
Project: Plaza UE4 map
Description: Urban themed CTF map level design
Made using: Unreal Engine 4
Plaza Screenshot
Project: Asteroids
Description: Asteroids clone
Made using: C++ and Allegro 5
Asteroids Screenshot

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