Dunk Troll

Duncan Hall

Games Programmer

C++ A* pathfinding implementation

Made using: C++ and Allegro 5

Platform: PC

Project duration: 2 months (year 2 of Programming Degree)

Date of completion: February 2016

Project code: Github

The aim of this project was to demonstrate our knowledge of AI Pathfinding algorithms. As many games feature AI controlled entities it is important that they are able to move around the game world efficiently and realistically. In my program I was able to implement a host of additional features on top of the basic static path finding, including user editable terrain, dynamic generation of paths (can correct path/generate a new one to respond to changes in terrain during the running of the program), AI entities that generated and followed random paths and dynamic response from the player to nearby enemies (avoidance of enemies through weighting of enemy-adjacent nodes).

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