Dunk Troll

Duncan Hall

Games Programmer

Lazuli Game Engine

Made using: C++ and OpenGL

Platform: PC

Project duration: 6 months (year 3 of Programming Degree)

Date of completion: March 2017

Project code: Github

The aim of the project was to create my own game engine using C++ and OpenGL.

The engine uses a component based entity system to implement its various features, similiar to the approach used in the Unity engine. While the engine lacks a lot of polish I was able to implement a number of versatile features, such as Bullet-based physics, client/server networking using RakNet, positional audio, custom OBJ loading/ASSIMP integration and various types of lighting.

The gallery below shows some images of the engine in action, however the main strength of the engine is the quality of the code and how the verious parts of the engine are linked up. The code for the engine can be viewed on the Github link above.


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