Dunk Troll

Duncan Hall

Games Programmer

CanDie - Candy themed scrolling shooter

Made using: C++ and Allegro 4.2.3

Platform: PC

Project duration: 2 months (year 1 of Programming Degree)

Date of completion: March 2015

Project code: Github

The goal of the project was to create a game using Allegro 4.2.3 to meet a set specification, such as having AI controlled enemies, an end goal, a user-controllable object etc. The purpose of this project was to demonstrate our knowledge of the C++ language, which included a demonstration of the end project and answering questions to defend our code. CanDie features dynamically created gamestates, a range of enemies utilising an Excel sheet for easy stat modification and loading and a player character with various upgrades purchaseable through a shop linked to the main menu.

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